Six Month Smiles Straighten Crooked Teeth

Six Month Smiles An Overview

Six Month Smiles clear aligners

Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary clear braces system that is barely visible but provides precise results. Six Month Smiles is an ideal solution for aligning crooked teeth for teens and adults. You can expect quick, discreet, and effective results. In as little as 6 months you can enjoy a healthier, straighter, more beautiful smile.

Six Month Smiles focuses on the teeth in the “smile zone”. Custom brackets and wires are tooth-colored so that they blend in and are less noticeable than metal braces. Once the braces are on, most patients only wear the system for about 6 months and finish treatment with a naturally straighter smile.

Dr. Pamela Cain may recommend Six Month Smiles as part of a smile makeover, to address crooked teeth or to realign the bite and improve your overall dental health. An experienced restorative dentist with advanced training in the treatment of complex bite problems and orofacial pain, Dr. Cain will take a comprehensive approach to your orthodontic needs and aesthetic goals when designing a personalized treatment plan.

Using T-scan technology, Dr. Cain will evaluate the function of the jaw joints and how the teeth make contact. If malocclusion is preventing the teeth from making proper contact, this often leads to discomfort, dental problems, and tooth damage. Your treatment with Six Month Smiles will be designed to realign the bite if necessary to ensure that your new smile not only looks great but is comfortable and supports your long term dental health.

Mixed Appliance Therapy

In some cases, there is a need for more complex tooth movement on the lower arch of teeth. In this situation, Dr. Cain may recommend using Mixed Appliance Therapy (MAT) to achieve both cosmetic goals and oral health needs with one treatment phase.

Mixed Appliance Therapy involves the combination of clear aligners on the top arch of teeth and clear brackets on the lower arch. The clear aligners are capable of moving teeth with mild to moderate tooth position and crowding concerns, but the use of clear brackets enables Dr. Cain to adjust more complex needs that are often present in the lower arch of teeth in adult patients.

Mixed Appliance Therapy allows patients to enjoy the discreet treatment and shorter treatment times when compared to using traditional metal braces. The forces applied by the clear brackets and wires will allow total treatment for both upper and lower teeth to complete at approximately the same time.

Wearing clear aligners on the teeth that are most visible when smiling and speaking and using clear brackets to fully address tooth position of the lower arch is the perfect solution for many patients and the key to a healthier, more stable result.

six month smiles patient, knoxville dentistNo one has to know you are wearing braces.

Angie is in her fourth month of treatment and the results are already clearly noticeable. Her bite is improving and the appearance of her smile has changed, although it is difficult to see that she is wearing braces.

Angie will enjoy better long term oral health once treatment is complete. Dr. Cain is working with her to use short term orthodontics to straighten teeth while also ensuring that her bite is not being detrimentally impacted as a result.

Six Month Smiles can resolve orthodontic relapse in adult patients- it is never too late to straighten your teeth. We complete treatment with complimentary professional teeth whitening.

Six Month Smiles What to Expect

The process of placing your Six Month Smiles clear braces begins with a consultation and treatment planning. The overall goal of treatment is to meet your cosmetic needs and to improve the health of your bite. Dr. Cain focuses on your overall oral health when working with you to address aesthetic concerns so that you can enjoy a stable result.

Dental impressions will be taken for creating your unique clear braces and used in CAD/CAM planning of your treatment.  Once your orthodontic appliances are ready, Dr. Cain will attach the brackets and wires in our office and schedule checkups with you to monitor progress.

Once your smile is ready and the braces are removed, we will want to see you every six months to ensure that your teeth are remaining in position. We encourage all patients to wear a retainer nightly to avoid relapse.

When your Six Month Smiles treatment is complete, we will provide a complimentary tooth whitening treatment to complete your smile makeover.

Treating Dark Triangles after Orthodontics

Many patients who have their teeth repositioned and straightened with braces will notice the appearance of dark black triangles between teeth after treatment. The movement and rotation of teeth during orthodontic treatment will improve the health and stability of the bite, but can sometimes change the appearance of your smile.

Dr. Cain offers a modern alternative to tooth bonding for closing these dark triangles using Bioclear. A color-matched composite material, Bioclear will also improve the stability and long-term health of treated teeth because it builds up the surface where spaces are being closed. The results are flawless, creating a beautiful, more symmetrical smile.

Real Patients, Real Results

six month smiles before six month smiles after

Patient is in the 4th month of Six Month Smiles treatment on one arch of teeth.

Six Month Smiles FAQs

Am I a candidate for Six Month Smiles?

People who qualify for Six Month Smiles are typically in there late teens or adulthood. It is a perfect solution for people who want to straighten their teeth without anyone knowing they are wearing braces. People with severe orthodontic issues do not qualify for this teeth straightening treatment.

How much does Six Month Smiles cost?

The treatment can cost as little as $86 a month. This is just a fraction of the cost of metal braces, aligners and veneers. To get an accurate estimate of your cost, you should schedule a consultation and examination.

Will I need a retainer after the treatment?

Just like with any orthodontic treatment, you will need to wear a retainer to help maintain proper alignment.