Knoxville TN Dentist Office Patient Testimonials

Patient feedback in an important part of our philosophy. At Today’s Dentistry, we strive to provide you with the best possible dental care in Knoxville, TN. Read or watch testimonials from past patients that have enjoyed the high-quality dental services in Knox County by Dr. Pamela Cain.


Dental Implant Testimonial

Becky received dental implants and a removable prosthesis, see how it changed her life.

Patient Testimonial 5

This patient describes her experience with Dr. Cain as compared to other offices.

Patient Testimonial 4

Watch as a patient of Dr. Cain's describes his personal attachment to the office.

Patient Testimonial 3

Another happy patient. Watch her review.

Mike Parli

Mike Parli - after his occlusal adjustment. Watch his review.

Patient Testimonial 2

Dr. Cain restored this patient's bite. Watch her testimonial.

Patient Testimonial

This satisfied patient shares his experience with Dr. Cain. Watch his testimonial.

Edna M.

“Patient was very unhappy with her existing prosthesis, she had lower implants and the denture was not fitting correctly, she could not wear it, when we placed new attachments on her implants, made new upper and lower overdenture, both prosthesis fit and come together, she was very happy about the final results.” Watch her review.


I had several teeth extracted and numerous crowns done over a series of visits. It was painless and easy but at time tedious. Dr. Pam was caring to the point that she called me several times at home to see how I was doing. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of dental care.


I value Dr. Cain for her professional standards. I immediately trusted her to take care of my oral health issues. I know that I am in good care and will have a great smile to share with others forever. The office and staff have been wonderful and personable. I tell others where I go for dental care and let them know that Today’s Dentistry is a ‘State of the Art’ office.

Marlene & Max

My husband and I have been patients since 2006 and 2004. We have always been satisfied with her expertise as well as that of the staff. We highly recommend Today’s Dentistry.


Today’s Dentistry is very accommodating. Whenever I have had a problem they always fit me in. I like the people because they are mindful of my needs and remind me of my appointments in advance. I just like the way they do things.

Laurie Hill

After visiting many oral surgeons and dentists, Dr. Cain was the most thorough, most accurate and most helpful in diagnosing the issue I had with temporal mandibular joint damage. Only the surgeon she referred me to was able to diagnose the same problem. She is not only brilliant but fiercely protective of her patients. Whether you just need regular dentistry or you have a special issue, Dr. Cain is the best of the best. She…

Fred H.

Dr Cain’s office sets the benchmark for how a professional clinic should operate. The facilities are clean, inviting and attractive. The staff is friendly, caring and professional. And the office uses the latest technology to ensure the patient receives the very best care. Even more impressive is the prompt service provided. Thank you for a very pleasant experience.