Laser Dentistry Knoxville, TN

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Today’s Dentistry uses a soft tissue dental laser to aid in certain procedures. This revolutionary technology has many practical uses including gingivectomy, treatment of cold sores, desensitizing teeth and aiding in implant dentistry treatments and some periodontal procedures.

The most notable benefit of the dental laser is that it allows for a more comfortable surgery. In traditional surgeries, tissue is removed using a scalpel. Instead, the dental laser uses a pinpoint, high frequency laser beam that cuts through soft tissue without contact. The laser beam is also sterile, which significantly reduces a patient’s risk for infection. In addition, the dental laser minimizes the amount of swelling and bleeding during the procedure to accelerate the healing process.

Laser dentistry also offers a quick, safe and affordable treatment for sensitive teeth. Many patient’s experience sensitivity in the teeth, which can cause severe pain and irritation. The dental laser effectively desensitizes teeth without the use of anesthetic. In most cases, patient’s experience 80 – 90% relief from tooth sensitivity.