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Dental CrownsDental crowns may be used to restore strength and beauty to teeth that are weak, broken or discolored. A dental crown is the portion of the tooth visible below the gum line and covers the tooth like a cap. Some patients have existing metal crowns that are uncomfortable, unattractive, worn or broken. These can be replaced with more modern, highly durable ceramic dental crowns.

Dental crowns are sometimes used during root canal therapy to add stability and reinforcement to the natural tooth structure. In implant dentistry, a crown is used to restore the tooth as it is secured to the artificial root.

Advances in cosmetic dentistry have led to significant improvements in the materials and techniques used in dental crowns. Today’s cosmetic dental crowns look and feel like natural teeth. They are durable and stain resistant and very easy to care for. With a proper oral health routine, dental crowns will last for many years.

See Our Results: A Case Study

Dental Crowns Before and AfterDental Crowns Before and After

Before: Patient had crooked teeth with poor bonding results from previous treatment.
After: We placed whiter, porcelain dental crowns from bicuspid to bicuspid for a more aesthetic result.

The process for dental crowns typically takes place over multiple visits. The first visit will include a comprehensive examination where the entire oral system is evaluated including the mouth, gums, teeth, jaw joints and muscles. Using digital x-rays, digital impressions and other diagnostic imaging, Dr. Cain will plan your treatment with dental crowns. A temporary dental crown may be placed while the permanent restoration is being created. A sophisticated dental laboratory will fabricate the dental crown to fit perfectly in your mouth and match the natural teeth. The permanent dental crown will be secured into place and gently polished.

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