Total Smile Transformation

Taylore’s Total Smile Transformation

Dr. Cain had the privilege to help Taylore restore her smile. After a personalized and comprehensive consultation, Dr. Cain created a treatment plan that would enhance the aesthetic and improve the health of Taylore’s smile. Read below to hear from Taylore first hand the difference a beautiful smile has made in her life.
Total Smile Transformation in Knoxville TN

God is still working miracles!

Most of my friends know I don’t really like putting personal stuff out there but this is definitely worth sharing!

After 20 years of not being able to smile because of unsightly teeth, God made a way for me to finally get the dental work I so desperately needed. Years of shame and embarrassment have melted literally in a moment it seems and I no longer have to fear meeting new people or even talking to my long time friends. I don’t have to hide in the shadows anymore or practice talking in a way that made my mouth as small as possible.

I have been so blessed and it truly was all by God’s own hand and Dr. Pamela Cain of Today’s Dentistry LLC who made it all possible.

Dr. Pam worked tirelessly to restore my smile and she probably wouldn’t admit it but I’m sure I was one of the toughest cases she has ever had. If you had only seen what my mouth looked like before you would understand what a miracle this picture displays.

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to smile and talk freely and spontaneously without fear or embarrassment. I truly feel like my life is changed or that it is just beginning again. I have had a wonderful life anyway despite my teeth because of my beautiful children and the Lord, but now I don’t have to feel ugly or unsightly, or that people are judging my teeth anymore and it is the best feeling in the world!

Thank you Jesus!

Before & After Smile Makeover

Total Smile Transformation in Knoxville TN

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